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 The orginal PotpellyThis is the original handmade knife that became the "Potbelly" in the KA-BAR line it's made of .1875" S7 and flat ground, the handle is micarta and is the shape that you can find on both the KA-BAR "Baconmaker" and "Potbelly" knives.

 The orginal PotpellyHere's a hand finished preproduction prototype of the "Potbelly" this knife was torture tested to make sure it would stand up to the kind of abuse it was designed for. This one cut a winter's worth of kindling and field dressed a number of deer, and two hogs. Excellent performance.

 The orginal PotpellyHere's the KA-BAR production version of the "Potbelly" in the final design we've implemented a choil and injection molded handles that match the profile of the original handle, they're textured with our proprietary Adventuregrip texture. The blade on the final production version is .250" thick, hollow ground 1095CM with a powder coat finish. The knife exceeds original design expectations. If your going to have one knife in your pack, this one will do it all.

 The orginal PotpellyPotbelly with survival items that can be carried in the Adventuresheath .


 The orginal Potpelly This is the predecessor to the KA-BAR "Baconmaker" this knife is hand ground from 1/4" O1 tool steel and has neoprene handles. It was built for a friend in the special operations community who wanted a knife that would be good for sticking things and WOULD NOT break. The production Baconmaker has been refined quite a bit and is a better cutting tool, but the original is still working hard in "Mesopotamia".

 The orginal PotpellyThis is a preproduction KA-BAR "Baconmaker" the final knife is built from .1875" 1095CM and is an exceptional cutting tool. It is ergonomically designed for stabbing things, hogs mainly, and it gets through tough boar shields effortlessly. The knife is pictured with a final prototype Adventuresheath which comes with a large pocket for anything you need to Own The Adventure!

 The orginal PotpellyThis is a very early hunting knife. Built from O1 tool steel, marine bronze bolster and black walnut handles it is a very basic but very functional design and still one of my favorite hunting knives to take into the field. It is pictured with the best ammunition in the world, Hornady.

 The orginal Potpelly This is another handmade original that's been in the works for the better part of the last decade. I don't suffer from A.D.D. .....I enjoy it..... The blade is 5/16" O1 steel with a rust blue finish. The handle is stabilized walnut and deer antler with an aluminum bolster. It's designed for concealed carry and not opening boxes. There will be more like this one, it's a solid design that takes on the intent of the hand that holds it..

 The orginal Potpelly This is a one of a kind in the line, it's chisel ground 440A stainless with a micarta handle. It was built for the same owner of the original Baconmaker and is also hard at work in Mesopotamia. The chisel ground blade is easy to maintain an edge on and for a relatively small knife it cuts like a chain saw and is tougher than hell. This is one of my favorite all time knives.

 The orginal PotpellyThis is a one-off multi-purpose design built for a buddy that can mess up an anvil with a polishing cloth-this guy invented the term "Hard Use" The knife is built from 1/4" O1 tool steel and features a flat ground blade and G10 handles with the original Adventuregrip(TM) and a handmade kydex sheath.

 The orginal Potpelly Here's the knife that started it all. This looks like a fancy prison shiv, but when you consider it was made before the designer turned 10 years old......not too bad.... will it ever have a production version....highly doubtful. But it makes an interesting conversation piece.

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